Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wuthering Heights

Well, I'm ahead of schedule and finished "Eclipse" and "Breaking Dawn" this week. "Eclipse" was probably my favorite of the four books in the saga. I absolutely loved her character development and finished feeling kinda sad that it was over.

Though pretty "cheesy" in their story line, I absolutely fell victim to her spell and couldn't put them down. A must read for those who would love to be 18 forever.

This week I am reading "Wuthering Heights" by Bronte. I read this as a senior in high school but had to get a larger print edition at the library. I want to reread this because Bella reads it in the "Twilight" saga and it piqued my interest. So far, I am not disappointed!

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  1. It seems we all feel in love with Bella,Edward and Jacob. Happy however, that the story wrapped up in a good way. I noticed more and more authors having a character reading a classic book. Then it makes you want to read the book. Maybe that's what made me decide I wanted to read War and Peace. :) Enjoy Wuthering Heights.



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