Friday, January 9, 2009

Term Limits

Term Limits by Vince Flynn is the book I read this week. It was a rather enjoyable action/adventure story that takes place in Washington, D.C. and the surrounding area.

From the back cover:
In one bloody night, three of Washington's most powerful politicians are executed with surgical precision. Their assassins then deliver a shocking ultimatum to the American government: set aside partisan politics and restore power to the people. No one, they warn, is out of their reach - not even the president. A joint FBI-CIA task force reveals the killers are elite military commandos, but no one knows exactly who they are or when they will strike next. Only Michael O'Rourke, a former U.S. Marine and freshman congressman, holds a clue to the violence: a haunting incident in his own past with explosive inplications for his country's future.

I decided to re-read the series because my husband got the most recent book for Christmas. When I read it I realized I had forgotten a lot of the little details over the past few years. Reading Term Limits was like reading a book I'd never read before with just a couple familiar characters.

With a weak President, a currupt Chief of Staff and National Security Advisor, the story twists and turns. By the end you'll be cheering for the bad guys. Or where they the good guys to begin with?

Term Limits if the first in a series. Next week, I'll report on the next book Transfer of Power which introduces the main character for the series, Mitch Rapp.

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