Sunday, January 11, 2009

Book 2 - Transfer of Power

Vince Flynn's Transfer of Power is an action packed political thriller.

A group of terrorists has taken the White House. The terrorists did not capture the president, but did wire the historic building with trip bombs. With over 100 hostages and the president locked in his bunker politicians try to negotiate with the terrorists. Unknown to the Vice President and other politicians, the president's bunker is in the process of being breached.

With the help of World War II vet and White House historian Milt Adams, Mitch Rapp finds a way into the White House. Mitch determines that the president is not safe.

The vice president is hoping he is only one heat beat away from the presidency. Politicians want to find a peaceful solution to an impossible situation. The military wants to retake the White House by force.

With all this arguing going on, Mitch save the president, the hostages and the White House from destruction.

Next in this series is The Third Option.

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