Saturday, January 17, 2009

Book 3 - The Debt

The Debt by Angela Hunt

Grade: A

This book is incredible. I already knew I loved Angela Hunt after reading The Note last month and was happy to dive into another of her tales. This book begins looking through the eyes of a pastor's wife, active and dedicated. Her husband pastors a megachurch which is broadcast on national television. The heart of the story is about the shaking of her thoughts and understanding of what the walk of a Christian is supposed to look like. My favorite quote from the book is "Why are we surprised when we see sinners sin?" So often, we Christians live a secluded life that revolves around the church. We succeed in walking uprightly and protecting our children from the big bad world....but if we stay there, who is reaching the big bad world? Sometimes the lost seek the church. But this is rare. The church is supposed to be seeking the lost. This book brings it home so tenderly yet so passionately.

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  1. Quite a few people have mentioned Angela Hunt. I'll have to put her on my wish list. Sounds good.



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