Sunday, November 28, 2021

BW48: Books, books, and more books


As the year winds down, the best books of the year lists rise up with many books in common.  Some I may have missed and others I may have deliberately missed on purpose. Some may not have been stories that enticed me into reading more...  Yet.  Some weren't my style, which can change from year to year. Different phases, different places, different mind set, or just not in the mood. But when I am in the mood, watch out. My TBR stack gets taller, while some books grow older and wait patiently, knowing that in time, I'll get to them.

If you are like me, your book shelves may be filled to the brim with books double and triple parked.  Every so often, I'll rearrange them, pulling stories and authors forward to sit front and center, pushing others to the back until it's their time to shine again.  I really don't need to buy more books, but you know, you can never have enough.  While the sleepy, dusty tome, bides its time, the shiny penny calls your name. 

While perusing the best of the best for 2021 the past few days, and adding a few to my virtual and physical stack as well as my wish list, I thought, wait.... What about 2022? All those shiny new pennies!  Time to preorder a few before my book buying ban clicks in at the beginning of the year.  Now I know why my stacks keep having babies and those babies have babies. LOL!  I'm ever so grateful to the authors and their creativity who keep me entertained.  

And I love bringing you all along to play as well, so for your enjoyment, enlightenment, and edification, below are a few links to the best of the best for 2021 and the most anticipated for 2022.  

The Irish Times Best of fiction, biography, sport, and children's books

Foreign Policy's the best books we read in 2021

The Manual: The men share the 20 Best Books of 2021 for your next read. 

Five Books Best of.....

NPR's Book Concierge is now The Books We Love.  I got lost in this one for quite a while.

On to the new shiny pennies: 

Marie Claire's 2022 Book Releases to get excited about. 

Buzzfeed's 25 Of The Most Anticipated Books Coming Out Next Year, According To Book Lovers

We are Bookish 24 Highly-Anticipated Books Hitting Shelves in 2022

The Bibliofile January 22 Most Anticipated New Book Releases

Criminal Element's Most Anticipated Mysteries and Thrillers of 2022

Bibliolifestyle's Most Anticipated Winter 2022 Romance Novels and Historical Fiction

You're welcome!

P.S. In anticipation and preparation for next year, check out the links above which has been updated and includes four new challenges for 2022.  

Have fun following rabbit trails. I did.


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