Sunday, December 20, 2015

BW51: Winter Solstice

Josephine Wall Tree of Four Seasons
Winter officially arrives here in the Northern Hemisphere with the Winter Solstice on Tuesday, the 22nd as well as Christmas on the 25th, marking the beginning of our Winter Reading.  This is also the beginning of our two week break from lessons for which I am quite thankful.  Time to curl up with a good book or two or three, amidst preparations for the new year and another round of 52 Books.  Yes, we are doing it all over again.  Did you have any doubts?   Scroll down below this post for the 2016 52 Books in 52 Weeks announcement and I'm Participating link. 

As the solstice ushers in winter and summer, it also present a turning point. Synonyms that come to mine are apogee, crown, rise,  crest, pinnacle, summit, pitch and zenith.  Winter brings cold, frost, chill, white, snow, rain, freeze, brisk, gloves and ice to name a few.  What do you think of when it comes to Winter or summer if you are in the Southern Hemisphere?  Christmas brings gifts, cheer, family, birthday, blessings, faith and yuletide. Peruse your stacks and choose a book about the solstice, Christmas, Winter, seasons or any related words and synonyms in the title.   

Happy Winter and yuletide greetings from my house to yours. 


History of the Medieval World
Chapter 75 - New Found Land
Chapter 76 - Schism
Chapter 77 - Danish Domination

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  1. 'Christmas around the village green' by Dot May Dunn. A lovely wartime childhood memoir.

  2. Three books this week, Raven Black by Ann Cleeve, A Shetland Island murder novel, excellent
    The Monogram Murders by Sophie Hannah, a new "Agatha Christie Poirot" novel and The People in the Photo, a bittersweet story by Helene Gersterne, excellent


Thank you for your kind comments.