Sunday, December 15, 2013

BW51: Challenge News

No, you aren't going crazy. There are actually 2 1/2 weeks left to the year and week 52 will be a long one since I didn't include the last 1/2 week in my count.  You may have noticed I posted the information for the 2014 challenge and the I'm participating thread below this post. I've been brainstorming with the gals over on Well Trained Mind forums and came up with a list of readalongs and monthly themes.  Hopefully everyone will enjoy all, some or a few of the things planned for the coming new year. I know some folks like to plan ahead so here's what I have so far:

January:     Haruki Murakami's 65th birthday - Wind Up Bird Chronicles Readalong
February:    700th Anniversary of Dante's Inferno - readalong
March:        Sully Prudhomme (French) 1st Nobel prize Winner -  birthday 3/16/1839)
April:          National Poetry Month
May:           Art History Mysteries - Monuments Men Readalong   
June:          Steampunk month (gear con) (
July:           Anniversary of Thomas More's Death - Utopia /  Utopian/Dystopian literature 
August:       World War 1 100th Anniversary / Fiction or Non fiction readalong 
September: Banned Books Month   
October:     Spooktacular 
November:  Non Fiction November   
December Inspiration read month

Now mixed in with all those things, we have a geography Challenge and a decades challenge, so my plan is to try to tie those things in. Such as with Murakami readalong, also read other authors or books from Japan; for Prudhomme, turn it into an all things french month and visit different decades.  That's the plan, but who knows how it will really work out.  Because you know those rabbit trails that pop up while you are reading? They kind of send you off on side trips and before you know it, you started off in France but end up reading about the scientific theory of Gnomes.

Speaking of Gnomes, since next Saturday, the 21st is the first day of Winter, I'll be following a winter theme and be reading Mark Helprin's Winter's Tale, followed by Susanna kersley's  Winter Sea.  So join me in all things winter for the remainder of the year.  

For those anxious about what the wrap up questions will be, check out the list from last year to get started. 

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  1. Robin, I hope to participate in the Monuments Men readalong if I don't forget.


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