Sunday, December 1, 2013

BW49: Australia or Antarctica

We are heading into the last month of the year and if you've been doing the continental, there are two continents left.  I have been debating between being adventuresome and heading up into the cold, windy antarctic or being lazy and hanging out on the warm, sunny beaches of Australia. Call me crazy, but I am going to be adventuresome.  Currently in my backpack is An Antarctic Mystery by Jules Verne.  We'll see what I pick up along the way.  

Meanwhile, check out the links above to Australia Adventure or Chillin in the Antarctic. Plus,  Rosie, our resident expert on Australia had a few suggestions:

Robbery Under Arms
Anything by Nevil Shute
Bryce Courtenay wrote a lot of Australian novels. They make me want to jab myself in the eye, most of them, but maybe they'd be more appreciated by non-Australians. He's responsible for getting a lot of boys reading, though.

Garth Nix's trilogy- Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen for those who like fantasy
You could always download The Magic Pudding off Librivox. A children's classic, that one.

For the Term of his Natural Life  seems to be free for Kindle. It's ugly, but I think a must read for that part of Australian history. Not that I particularly recommend reading Australian history...

We of the Never-Never

For teen fiction- The Silver Brumby (There's a whole series)

Into Bullo if you like autobiographies

Happy travels! 

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  1. We have WAY too much snow here in Ontario to even consider reading about cold places...and I have way too many projects on the go to read about warm places. Sigh. Happy reading!

  2. Our family has fallen in love with the Lily Lapp books, all four of them. A Surprise for Lily is the fourth and it, like the earlier three books, would make a superb gift for boys and girls aged 8-12.


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