Saturday, June 27, 2009


Week 24 - Book 25

You know when you get to a certian point in a book and you can't put it down? Well, this is a book that done it to me. I was about at the halfway point of the book and just couldn't put it down. I wanted to find out what happened to Tory and Cord.

"The Bride's Necklace" by Kat Martin

(from the back cover)
Knowing that she alone can protect her sister from Baron Harwood, their lecherous stepfather, Victoria Temple Whiting snatches the family's heirloom necklace--believed to hold the power to bring a great happiness or terrible tragedy--to pay for their escape to London. Once there, Victoria poses as Tory Temple and finds employment as a servant in the household of handsome Cordell Easton, the scandalous Earl of Brant. The sisters' arrival is welcome: Cord is in need of a new mistress, and turns to Tory, whose wit and intellect intrigue him. But when he learns that he has compromised the daughter of a peer, Cord must decide--marry Tory and keep her safe, or allow his stubborn pride to deny his heart.

Great Historical Romance book! It has been years since I have read a Kat Martin book! She writes very good and takes you along on the adventure with the characters. As in this book, Tory is guarding her sister and winds up falling in love with the Earl of Brant, Cord. But Cord has shut off his feelings and neglects Tory. Leaving her own her own to go to the parties, Opera, and shopping. Tory soon tires of all the parties and just wants Cord to pay attention to her. So she sets about to make him jealous, only it all backfires on her, when Cord hires a Bow Street Runner to check up on her.

[NOTE: This is book one of a trilogy.]

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