Sunday, June 21, 2009

Duty and Desire

Duty and Desire
rating: B

Wow, that title sounds like a bodice ripper. It's not, I promise. This is the 2nd installment in A Novel of Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman. This was a great book, but not when put in the context of the Pride and Prejudice story. Basically, this story is filler for a span of time in Jane Austen's original where we aren't privy to Darcy's goings-on. The plot has nothing to do with the Pride and Prejudice storyline whatsoever, though it is a good read. Pamela Aiden's Darcy seemed very much like the Darcy Austen fans know and love, she captured him well in the first book. This Darcy seemed like a different character. A fine character, but not the same. I'm hoping for a return to the original in the 3rd and final book.

This is book #19 for me, so I'm running behind. Time to catch up!

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  1. It interesting the titles or pictures they put on covers of books. Sometimes they just don't match up with the story. But at least they get your attention.