Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Higher Hope by Robert Whitlow

We read the first book, Deeper Water, as part of our book club earlier this year. So, when the second book, Higher Hope, came available for Thomas Nelson Book Review Bloggers I picked it. It is nice to see how some of the stories progress.

The Tides of Truth series follows law student Tammy Lynn Taylor, known as Tami at the law firm where she is a clerk for the summer. She has a strong Christian faith and very conservative background. We are watching Tami come of age, and learn how to walk by faith in a world that doesn’t support or always accept her beliefs. This time around, the case she is working on involves an abrasive, outspoken preacher who tells people what God shows her, and they don’t always like what she says.

The story was interesting and plausible. The best part may have been seeing how the preacher self-censors herself, knowing that sometimes what she knows isn’t complete enough or the other person isn’t ready for it. Plus seeing how the people she does talk to react to what she says. Some repent, some work to reconcile with family and friends, and some deny that it’s the truth. Her deposition by the lawyer is a great scene. The books are thoughtful and well done.

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  1. Sounds great Laura. Will have to check out both books. Thank you.


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