Sunday, June 30, 2024

BW27: Zen and the art of ....


Happy Sunday! We're headed for a heat wave this coming week, and I've peopled way too much so totally ready to hibernate in the cool with one or two or three books.  We're past the halfway point in our 52 Books journey and moving backwards through the alphabet from Z to A.   We can be zen, we can zoom, we can zigzag, we can stay in the zone.  We can read books that move in reverse chronology. We can read books about Z and the art of ... motorcycles, writing, saving the planet, or even the art of stand up comedy. We can read about zoo's or zombie's or zorro or zealots. There are so many ways we can go. 



Rick Fernandez 

In the skies a wizard flies 

Spreading magic dust.

There is a fire in his eyes

It's Zinfandel or bust.

The animals have seen his stare

And await their manna from heaven.

There's so much magic in the air

As they go on misbehaving.

The seal he wears a crown of gold

The deer in field goes grazing.

Behold! Behold! as tales are told

In this magicland so amazing.

Happy Reading! 

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