Sunday, June 23, 2024

BW26: We're halfway there


Happy Sunday! Are you ready for the halftime show?  The year is zipping right along, full of zingy and Zen reads, full of zaddy characters, zaffre settings, and zeal.  I added to my stacks when on vacation in Texas when we stopped by a Barnes and Noble while waiting for a table at the restaurant across the way, plus found a little book store at the airport while waiting for a very delayed flight to return home. Plus I had fun exploring my nieces and nephews book shelves and since we have similar tastes in science fiction and fantasy, chatting about stories.  And now I'm off again for a belated father's day celebration with my father in law so time is short.  

What has been your most favorite story so far this year?  Have you discovered a new author or series to explore? Any interesting book news you'd like to share?

June 23rd is Let it Go Day, June 24th is Celebration of the Senses day, June 25th is the day to celebrate The Beatles, the 26th is Forgiveness day, the 27th is National Handshake Day, the 28th is National Food Truck Holiday and last but not least, the 29th is Hug Holiday.  So don't worry and be happy, go out and shake someone's hand or give them a huge hug, and eat plenty of food, while you listen to the Beatles. 


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  1. More behind in my reading than I have been in YEARS! My business is exploding, but I am finding little bits of time to read through my 1000 Books to Read Before You Die list.


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