Sunday, June 9, 2024

BW24: X marks the spot


Happy Sunday! It's time to go on a reading adventure and conveniently, our next 52 Books Bingo category is Adventure.   Find a book about a treasure hunt or go on a treasure hunt for a new title or unread book in your home library.  

Pick a book by the cover and pick it up. What captured your attention? The author, the title, or the picture?  Does it tickle your fancy?  Is it by an author you've read before or a brand new author?  Don't peak at the synopsis on the back or the inside flap. Yes, I know, it's ridiculously hard.  What do you think it will be about? Suppose you go into it blind and read it.  Were your suppositions close or no cigar? 


Choose a random book based on its position on the shelf in your home library or the public library, or the book store.   Decide in advance or leave it up to chance and pick a shelf, pick an aisle, pick a genre. First decide which shelf you will choose from - top, 2nd, 3rd, fourth, or bottom shelf, pick a number between 1 and 30, assuming there are probably 30 books to a shelf, then read that book. 

My son does it all the time when we go to Barnes and Noble and finds the most fascinating reads, for himself, me, or for his dad.   

Have fun treasure hunting! 

Please share your thoughts and reviews. Link to your website, blog, Goodreads, Google+, Tumblers, or Instagram page. If you do not have a social media account, please leave a comment to let us know what you are reading. The link widget closes at the end of each book week. 

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