Sunday, January 31, 2021

BW5: Fictional Librarians - Aurora Teagarden


Happy February, my lovelies. Continuing our year long celebration of librarians, this month's fictional librarian is Aurora Teagarden. Created by Charlaine Harris,  the cozy mystery series stars Aurora, a small town librarian in Lawrenceville, Georgia. She is involved in the Real Murders society, a group of crime buffs who love to study and discuss historical murders. 

There are a variety of ways to complete this challenge with plenty of rabbit trails. Read a book with one or more of the following (but not limited to) and have fun exploring:

  • Spell out the first and/or last name of the character's name - one book per letter from the title on the cover
  • Spell out the first and/or last name of the author - one book per letter 
  • Read one or more books in the series.
  • Read any book written by the author
  • Follow in a character's footsteps and read a book set in the country or time period of the story.
  • Follow in the author's footsteps and read a book set in their place or time of birth.
  • Read a book with the first or last name of the character or author in the title

The series was also adapted into a tv series for Hallmark with Candace Cameron Bure portraying Aurora Teagarden.  Charlaine Harris is best known for her Sookie Stackhouse series and has written other series including Lily Bard Shakespeare, Harper Connelly, Midnight Texas, and her latest Gunnie Rose.  


Count of Monte Cristo readalong:

  • I Marseille - Arrival
  • II Father and Son 
  • III  The Catalans
Things to think about while reading the story and the first three chapters:  The setting and context of French history and politics when the story begins.  How the setting plays a role in the story. How the narrator's description of events and imagery and references to literature, history, myth, politics, art, and religion. provides foreshadowing and subtext.  Have fun checking out rabbit trails along the way. 

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  1. I began reading TCoMC today, Robin. To finish by month’s end, I have a tentative daily goal of about five chapters. My husband read this several years ago and is delighted that I am finally getting to it.

    1. I'll probably be reading at a faster clip as well. Hubby's never read it and he started thumbing through it last night and started to get sucked into the story. Now he wants to read it too? :)

    2. Will likely just check in here to let you know my progress and to review your reading notes. Thank you again for this readalong! Hey, have you done Middlemarch? It’s coming up on time for me to reread that. :o)

    3. Not yet. I haven't read it and every year swear will get to it as have it on my shelves. One of these days...


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