Sunday, January 10, 2021

BW2: 52 Books Bingo - Antihero


I have anti-heroes on my mind today and have been thinking about the differences between the antihero and the villain, or between the hero and the anti-hero.  My son and I have been watching you-tube videos by Harry Potter Theory about the Harry Potter series and they've posted several videos discussing Severus Snape, which has given me quite a bit of insight about the man. You never quite know whether to trust the man. What are his motives?  Is he good or bad, working for or against Harry?  

Joe Bunting from the Write Practice says:  "Snape, like all Anti-Heroes, represents what society detests: cruelty, cowardice, self-interest, and dishonesty. He is the opposite of the hero, a villain, and yet somehow he’s a villain on the good guys’ side."   

We love to hate them, but then again we have to trust that the good side will outweigh the bad side and they'll redeem themselves in the end. 

Since one of our 52 Books Bingo categories is the Antihero, your mission is to read a book with an antihero. 

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Who is your favorite anti hero? 

Thanks to the theory videos, I'll be looking at Snape in a whole new light while rereading Harry Potter. 

Happy Reading! 


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  1. Thank you for hosting this challenge. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone is reading.

  2. I think Huckleberry Finn is a fun anti-hero.

  3. I had never really thought about the concept of the Anti-hero. Thank you for sharing.


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