Sunday, July 5, 2015

BW27: Jubilant July - Charming and enchanting

Welcome to Jubilant July and our theme of charming and enchanting plus our author flavor of the month - Tracy Chevalier.

What does charming and enchanting make you think of?  Southern Belles, Fairy tales, bewitching vixens, dashing alpha males, or mystical, magical tales or fantasy heroes.   We could go any route - whether it be cozy mysteries, retold fairy tales, southern gothics or historical fiction to name a few.  See what tickles your funny bone and enjoy following a few rabbit trails. 

One of which leads us to Tracy Chevalier  who is currently working on a retelling of Othello as well as organizing events and editing a short story anthology in honor to and in celebration of Charlotte Bronte's 200th birthday in 2016.  I think Chevalier is best know for her story The Girl with the Pearl Earring although she has written several novels including The Lady and the Unicorn and a story revolving around William Blake - Burning Bright.

Join me this month is reading all things charming and enchanting, plus I'll be diving into The Girl with the Pearl Earring. 


History of the Medieval World - Chapter 31 Reunification pp 223 - 230

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  1. I really loved my book this week, 'Summertime' by Vanessa Lafaye. Based on historical facts, it is a story of racial and social tensions in a Florida town in 1935, when the largest hurricane to hit North America strikes. Brilliant debut novel.

  2. Two books for me this week, both Victorian. One a rewrite of Sherlock Holmes and the other a classic, Three Men in a Boat, still funny after all these years.
    Have a Tracy Chevalier ready to read.


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