Sunday, June 28, 2015

BW26: halfway there!

Can you believe we are halfway through the year already?  Amazing.  I am going to round out our Judicious June celebration with some legal non fiction. Once upon a time, I wanted to be a paralegal which lead to some interesting reading on ethics and law.  Heady stuff, always interesting to read, although a bit scary at times.  My studies lead me away from the legal field, however it taught to me always dig deeper and never forget to read the fine print.   Followed a few rabbit trails this week and discovered a few interesting non fiction books read by our chief justices and highlighted on the SCOTUS Blog book review.

Check out Ronald Collins book column on new and forthcoming books which is chock full of current and historical novels.
Nixon's Court

I've stumbled across quite a few fiction authors who were lawyers once upon a time and wrote about their experiences including Scott Turow on his first year in law school.

Then we have suggested reading lists for prospective and current law students which include the ever popular To Kill a Mockingbird along with Scott Turow's One L mentioned above as well as legal writing books, jurisprudence, historical and biographical.  Yes, your wishlists are going to just get bigger as you peruse these selections.  Have fun following a few rabbit trails.


History of the Medieval World
 Chapter 30 The Heavenly Sovereign pp 215 - 222 

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  1. Sarah Waters 'The Paying Guests' - an excellent novel, starts as a love story, ends up as a crime and courtroom drama.


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