Sunday, May 8, 2011

BW19: R is for Roxanne

Roxanne St. Claire
Hello my darlings!  I'm on vacation this week and have been reading the latest series by one of my favorite authors, Roxanne St. Claire, who wrote the romantic suspense series "The Bullet Catchers."  Her latest series is "the Guardian Angelinos."

"The Guardian Angelinos are a Boston-based family that flies under the radar of the law to  solve crimes, save lives, protect the innocent, and take down the guilty. This team of rule-breaking, risk-taking, wave-making siblings and cousins aren’t afraid to get into the face of criminals as one of the toughest, grittiest security and PI firms around. This close-knit clan of protection, investigation, law enforcement, technology, weaponry, and legal experts all have one simple creed:  The good guys win and the bad guys get the holy hell kicked out of them."

I'm loving the characters in these stories just as much as I adored the tough bullet catchers in her other series.

She's a multifaceted writer with great imagination and very interesting characters.  Check out her booklist here.  A free prequel is available for Edge of Sight which tells the history of Sam and Zach's story in Taken to the Edge.

I hope each and every one of you have a Happy Mother's Day.  My mother's day present this year. Getting to spend it with my mom who we almost lost to a stroke a few months ago.  She is recovering and I'm so thankful I get to share the day with her.  So hug your mom close today and tell her how much you appreciate her, because you'll never know when she could be taken from you. 


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  1. Have a wonderful Mother's Day! It sounds like it is going to be an extra special one for both you and your mom this year!!

  2. I discovered this challenge a little late in the game but am excited to get started with it today. Thanks for hosting this and Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day and well wishes to your mom!

  4. Those look like some interesting reads. You have me intrigued by saying you love the characters. I think characters can make or break a book. They're so important! Flat characters can kill even the best of plots.


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