Sunday, May 15, 2011

BW20: S is for Stereotyping

Chimamanda Adichie

In my Humanities class this week, we are discussing world literature and stereotyping of different cultures One of the authors we talked about is Nigerian author Chimamanda Adichie.  She gave a very interesting talk about "The Danger of the Single Story" and how the single story creates stereotypes.  I wanted to share it with you today.

Her talk is well worth listening too and also made me curious about her and her books which fit in well with our armchair traveling mini challenge.

Purple Hibiscus
Half of a Yellow Sun
The Thing Around Your Neck

She's an interesting woman and I look forward to reading her books and the start of my armchair traveling through the continent of Africa.  Speaking of which, how is your armchair traveling going?  Visited any where interesting lately?

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If you don't have a blog, tell us about the books you are reading in the comment section of this post.


  1. I've been reading a lot of free stuff online but did finish two.... Hawk's Landing and Impossible to Resist. I'm almost finished with Until Tuesday and hope to get a couple of reviews up next week.

  2. Sorry, Robin, somehow I put down the old title instead of the current one for no. 6. I don't know how to delete it, but if you want to get around to it, that would be great!


  3. I just posted my second book in the 52 challenge. Thanks for hosting. Have a blessed week!

  4. It must be Barbara Kingsolver week here! I was just snickering about how many of us read a book by her this week. Read on ladies! :-)

  5. Interesting stuff, thanks. I always enjoy reading your posts.

    What happens when you have done Z ?


  6. @Book Dragon - yep, free stuff online is a great distraction from our tbr piles

    @faith - will take care of it. Thanks.

    @Serena - Yeah!

    @FairyTaleMama- Love Barbara Kingsolver

    @Paul - start all over again. It helps me come up with ideas.

  7. I traveled to Afghanistan with my last novel, through I wasn't doing the armchair traveling thing. :)


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