Thursday, July 2, 2009


WEEK 25 - BOOK 26

"Retribution" by Jilliane Hoffman
from the back cover)

When an elite prosecutor faces the most lethal predator she's ever encountered, it all comes down to a choice between justice....and retribution. C. J. Townsend is a brilliant state prosecutor in Miami known for keeping her cool while trying even the most horrific cases. The latest suspect is as base as they come: a vicious killer who savors cruelty and considers murder an art. Amid a maelstrom of media attention, C. J. has just begun to build her case when she is struck with a shattering personal blow connected to her past. Now everything will ride on her ability to hold herself together long enough to put the accused away forever.

This book is suspenseful! I was sitting on the edge of my seat until the very end. Wondering if C. J. was going to win this case. Imagine you've been brutally raped, it has been 12 years since this happened, the person who done this got off scott free. You are about to go to court to start proceedings for a serial killer, who brutally murders women. From the past the memory of a voice and a scar stares you in the face. This is the man who raped you 12 years ago. This starts the whole process for C. J. Townsend. As she gets more into the trial and finds out more about this man, she has to make some morally and ethical decisions. What would you do if you had to chance to prosecute the man who changed your life forever? Let him walk or hide incriminating evidence? The ending to this book was a complete shock to me! Totally not seen this one coming!!

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