Sunday, July 26, 2009



"Falling into the Sun" by Charrie Hazard
(from the back cover)

After stumbling upon his suicide, Kate Nardek sees her dead neighbor everywhere--hanging from the ceiling fan, in her rear view mirror--dark holes where his eyes should be. Three days after Micheal's suicide, Kate envisions her own thirteen-year-old son, Josh, hanging from a garage rafter. She realizes the kind of despair that led Michael to kill himself fuels Josh's increasingly violent blowups. She seeks psychological help for her son, a decision that dramatically changes the course of both their lives. In her quest to vanquish Josh's demons, Kate must face down her own, forcing her to rethink her beliefs about mental illness, good and evil, death and, finally, her own self-worth.

This book grabs you from the first page and holds onto to you until the end. As Kate is teaching a class at college, she is about to run head long into the rest of her life. Kate is on her way home, her neighbor has run out into the street screaming and crying for help. Michael has locked himself in the garage, boarded up all the windows and hangs himself. Kate calls 911 and is told to touch anything. But a neighbor trying to help tries to get in the garage. Kate happens to look into the window and sees Michael.
This one action takes Kate through a hell on earth and with her life. Her son, Josh has been diagnosed as a Bi-Polar disorder, Josh has violent behavior towards his parents and sisters. Like outbursts of anger. As these events get worse, Mitch and Kate decide on counseling for Josh and their selves. Which leads Kate to find out some things about herself. Does Kate find out about herself, does Josh get any better? You'll have to read the book to find out.

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