Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Week 27 - Book 28

"City of Bones" by Michael Connelly
(from the inside flap)

On New Year's Day, Detective Harry Bosch fields a call that a dog has found a bone--a bone that the dog's owner, a doctor, feels certain is a human bone. Bosch investigates, and that chance discovery leads him to a shallow grave in the Hollywood hills, evidence of a murder committed more than twenty years earlier. it's a cold case, but it sirs up Bosch's memories of his own childhood as an orphan in the city. He can't let it go. Digging through police reports and hospital records, tracking down street kids and runaways from the 1970's, Bosch finds a family ripped apart by an absence--and a trail, ever more tenuous, into a violent, terrifying world. As the case takes Bosch deeper into the past, a rookie cop named Julia Brasher brings him alive in the present in a way on one has in years. Bosch has been warned about the trouble that comes with dating a rookie, but no warning could withstand the heat between them--or prepare Bosch for the explosions when the case takes a hard turn. A suspect bolts, a cop is shot, and suddenly Bosch's cold case has all of L. A. in an uproar--and Bosch fighting to keep control in a lawless and brutal showdown.

MY THOUGHTS: This is a good detective murder book. Michael Connelly's writing is very good and keeps the suspense going through the whole book. Following Harry and Edgar, the detectives on the case, through the story line keeping all the details right out front. They follow the clues given them by the labs and track down the bones idenity of belonging to a 12 year old boy. Who was killed some 20 years ago. Then they get a call in tip from someone who thinks this could be their brother. As Harry and Edgar talk to Sheila, the sister of the victim they finally put a name to the bones found in the grave. Harry and Edgar then have to follow the clues to find the murder. As they are led on false trails of clues and a confession, Harry thinks something is wrong. He keeps searching and they finally get the real killer of the bones in the ground!

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