Sunday, February 1, 2009

Prey for a Miracle by Aimee Thurlo

Prey for a Miracle

A Sister Agatha Mystery

Aimee and David Thurlo

Back Cover: Sister Agatha is an extern nun in the cloistered order at the Our Lady of Hope Monastery near a small New Mexican desert town. As an extern, Sister Agatha is the link between her cloistered sisters and the outside world. Usually this means running errands in the monastery's slowly dying automobile (dubbed the anti-chrysler) or their motorcycle with Pax, the order's German shepherd, in the side car. Sometimes her duties involve a bit more -- like when Father Mahoney's eight year old niece goes missing in the middle of the night. Now it's up to Sister Agatha to find the girl...and to find out whether the young Natalie was telling the truth when she claimed to have a guardian angel--or if someone in the community has something far more sinister in store....

Do you have a guardian angel? 8 year old Natalie has one that she can see and twice the angel has helped her save two people. Unfortunately Natalie told someone about it and before her mother or uncle, who is a catholic priest, can do anything, everyone is town is wanting Natalie and her guardian angel to help them and heal them. Natalie and her mom are run off the road in a mysterious accident when they try to leave town and her mom is seriously injured. Sister Agatha and the sisters agree to protect Natalie at all costs. While trying to solve the mystery of who is wants to kidnap Natalie, Sister Agatha tries to determine if Natalie really is seeing angels or just pretending. I
t presents the quandary for the sisters. Even though they believe in angels, are they ready to really see one?

Prey for a Miracle is an excellent mystery story that also gives you a look inside a cloistered convent and the life of the nuns. Highly recommended. Next in the series: Thief in Retreat

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  1. I love the sound of this book. Our best friend's only family is an aunt who is a Catholic nun. She is such an inspiration to him and us all.


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