Saturday, February 14, 2009


A poignant tale about the life and labors of a Chinese farmer during the sweeping reign of the country's last emperor.
I didn't know this was a trilogy of books. My library book club selected Sons by Pearl S. Buck last month. That's when I found out about it being a trilogy by Miss Buck.
This was a very good book. I had heard of this book over the years and always wanted to read it. But never got around to it for some reason or another.

This story follows Wang Lung and his obsession with the land. Wang Lung is a farmer in China. As Wang Lung marries O-Lan, they sit up their house. The children start arriving. Then famine hits. Wang Lung and O-Lan must go to the southern cities to live and make a living some way. As the revolution starts they are lucky and find silver and jewels. They go back to their home and get their farm running again. As Wang Lung buys more land and has more food, he becomes rich. He is looked upon as a lord. Never again does Wang Lung have to worry about not having enough silver, food or the land to grow food on. His one thought is to have the land always. Land is more precious than silver to Wang Lung.


  1. I bought this book for our daughter but refelected that it might be too sad for her. You have encouraged me to give it a go myself (between happy books).

  2. A series??? I can't imagine....if you read it, PLEASE share your thoughts. Perhaps it gives some closure to The Good Earth. The injustice of it all haunts me.

  3. Hi Jenn,
    I sure will be posting the second book, "Sons" by Pearl S. Buck. Thanks for commenting.



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