Sunday, January 15, 2023

BW3: Blue


Happy Sunday!  I follow different publishers and different book bloggers, and I keep seeing all these bookshelves that are categorized by books of the same color.  Some of the pictures are kind of pretty and others, truth be told, look garish and unsightly. There are even companies,  like Juniper Books, who curates books by color.  

Is it the color that matters, or the content of the book that matters?  To me, it's more the content. The color coding would drive me crazy, because I like to categorize, then alphabetize my books. All my Nora Roberts books take up one whole bookcase, while Robert Jordan's may take up a shelf as well as Faith Hunter and few others.  And some of the authors do make some kind of attempt to color coordinate their covers. Take for example, James Rollin's Sigma Force series or J.D. Robb's In Death series.  Yes, they are double parked, at least until our new shelves come in. And that's another story. 

Hmm? Robb's name seems to have gotten larger over the years.  

But,  I do have some bookshelves which I'll arrange the books by height:

Yes, I'll admit it's a thing, probably as much as someone else arranging their shelves by color is a thing. Everyone has their own ways of shelving books, whether it's pleasing to the eye, organized by category or alphabetical or chronologically, artfully or willy nilly.   How do you like to arrange your bookshelves?  

And you're probably wondering why I named this week's post Blue.  That's because I'm reading The Blue by Nancy Bilyeau which is a historical novel about finding the secrets of porcelain and the color blue and it gave me the idea for the post.  

Your mission this week is the read a book with a blue cover or with blue in the title or about the subject blue, whatever that may be. 

Our post is sponsored by the letter C this week.  Big C, little c, what begins with C.  Color, coins, capital or class. Clarke or Cruickshank's, Cooper or Cox,  Conrad or Child, what a conundrum. Find a  character that's canny or cagey or cunning. 

Happy Reading! 


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