Sunday, January 8, 2023

BW2: 52 Books Bingo - Eastern

"East of the sun and west of the moon.' As unfathomable as the words were, I realized I must figure them out, reason it through. For I would go to this impossible land that lay east of the sun and west of the moon. From the moment the sleigh had vanished from sight and I could no longer hear the silver bells I knew that I would go after the stranger that had been the white bear to make right the terrible wrong I had done him.... All that mattered was to make things right. And I would do whatever it took, journey to wherever I must, to reach that goal.” ~ Edith Pattou, East

Happy Sunday!  Our first 52 Books Bingo category is Eastern which means our reading journey is taking us east.  But where in the east? We could go to the Far East, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, East of the Mississippi, or maybe the East coast.  Turn towards the east and read a book from whichever town, city, state, or country is in that direction.  Find a a book with East in the title or a character, or even a dog named East. Ask a family member to blindly pick a point on the map located in the east and read a book by an author closest to that point. How you interpret it is up to you.

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Our post is brought to you this week by the letter B.  Big b, little b, what begins with B?   Read a book by Babbage or Baker or Bruce.  Read a book about a Beatrice or Betty or a Ben. Read a book about a Bee or a Bat or a Badger. Read a book set in Baton Rouge, Bangladesh, or Bangor, or Botswana. Read a book about Badminton, or baseball, or barrel racing. Whether they are beguiling or baffling, beautiful or bossy, every book begins with a b. *wink*

What book did you read this week that was better than a bag of chips? 


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