Sunday, December 8, 2019

BW50: 52 Books Bingo -- Nature and Allegory

I'm currently working on the categories for our 2020 52 Books Bingo and having fun coming up with new and different categories to amuse your reading palates. As we wind down the year, our last two categories are Nature and Allegory. Nature may be literal or symbolic which pairs up quite nicely with allegory, a narrative that take an abstract look at characters and events.

Bookriot: 50 Must-Read Books On Nature and Science.

Bookauthority: 76 best nature books of all time.

Chicago Review of Books: The Best Nature Books of 2019, Part 2

Goodreads: Best Nature Books and Popular Human Nature Books and Allegorical Socialism and Communism in Fiction

Sandra Neily's The Beauty and Value of Nature-Based Fiction

19 children's books you need to re-read as an adult

Have fun following rabbit trails!

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