Sunday, March 31, 2019

BW14: Whodunit Bookology - Brother Cadfael

Our Whodunit Bookology detective of the month is Brother Cadfael created by Ellis Peters aka Edith Pargeter who is originally from the United Kingdom and passed away October 14, 1995 at the age of 82. 

Brother Cadfael came to life in A Morbid Taste for Bones through Peters interest in Shropshire history as well as herbs and gardening.  The series includes 4 prequel short stories and 22 books and takes place during the 12th Century between 1135 and 1145.  Cadfael, born May 1080 in Wales, was a soldier in the Crusades, a man at arms on a English war ship, and sired a son during the war before he became a Benedictine Monk at middle age and lives at the Abbey of St Peter and St Paul, currently known as the Shrewsbury Abbey in Shrewsbury, England.  

There are a number of ways to complete the bookology challenge, including but not limited, to the suggestions below:  

  • Read the first book in the series.
  • Read one book per letter in the character's first or last name.
  • Read one book per letter in the author's first or last name.
  • If you're feeling really ambitious, one book per letter in the character's first and last name.
  • Follow in a character's footsteps and read a book set in the country or time period of the character. 
  • Follow in the author's footsteps and read a book set in their place or time of birth.
Discover more about Ellis Peters and Brother Cadfael through her interview with Robbie Cranch on Mother Earth Living:  Mystery in the Garden - Interview with Ellis PetersFollow in the Footsteps of Brother Cadfael with Derek Jacobi and discover the timeless joys of 12th Century crime solving through Crime Reads Brother Cadfael: An Appreciation

Have fun following in the footsteps of Brother Cadfael


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