Sunday, March 3, 2019

BW10: Whodunit Bookology - Chief Inspector Armand Gamache

Our Whodunit Bookology detective for March is Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, created by author Louise Penny

Armand Gamache, introduced with the publication of Still Life in 2005, is in his early 50's and works as a homicide detective for the Sûreté du Québec and at the start of the series resides in Quebec, Canada. In the books we are introduced to his wife Reine-Marie, his dog Henry, and a quirky cast of characters that live in the town of Three Pines. Gamache is warm and witty as well as stern and philosophical, digging beneath the surface, along with his second in command, Inspector Jean Guy Beauvoir, to solve murders.  There are currently 14 books in the series with the latest book in the series, Kingdom of the Blind released in November, 2018. 

There are a number of ways to complete the bookology challenge, including but not limited, to the suggestions below:  

  • Read the first book in the series.
  • Read one book per letter in the character's first or last name.
  • Read one book per letter in the author's first or last name.
  • If you're feeling really ambitious, one book per letter in the character's first and last name.
  • Follow in a character's footsteps and read a book set in the country or time period of the character. 
  • Follow in the author's footsteps and read a book set in their place or time of birth.
  • Read a book with the first or last name of the character or author in the title.

Check out Minotaur books Chief Inspector Gamache website to learn more about  Inspector Gamache, the stories, cultural references, recipes, or join in discussions about the books.  Go to Louise Penny website for news and book club discussion guides.  For more about Louise, dive into Quill and Quires's  Louise Penny's Second Chance or her podcast interview with WCAI. 

Have fun following rabbit trails. 

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