Sunday, February 17, 2019

BW8: 52 Books Bingo - Something New

What does a newshound, newton, Newmarket, a newborn, a newt, New York, New Age and a newel have in common. Why, something new, of course, which is one of our 52 Books Bingo categories.  There are a variety of ways to go with this challenge including, but not limited to: 

  1. Read a new to you author or genre.
  2. Read about a new to you subject.
  3. Read a book published in 2019.
  4. Read a book by a debut author
  5. Read a book set in or about a town, city, state, or country called new xxxxx
  6. Read about a newfangled idea. 
  7. Read a book about a newsworthy subject. 
  8. Read a book about news or a news reporter. 
  9. Read a book with new in the title.
  10. Read a book by an author with new in his name. 
  11. Read a book with variations of the word new mixed into in the title or author's name. 
  12. Check out the synonyms list and substitute one of those words for new.  

“Make It New” 


I find it helpful to imagine writing in a blizzard
             with every inscription

designed to prevent snow
             crystals from drifting in.

Avoid the hive mind. Go fly a kite,
raise a stained glass window in the sky.

It’s the opposite of making love to drudgery,
             what I do for a dying.

       Remove the bitter sediment
trapped in the brewer. It will be new

whether you make it new
or not. It will be full of neo-

shadows. Full of then — both past and next,
iridescent with suspense. Remember

             time is not the treasure revealer.
More a midge larva creeping

through a waterfall releasing
suction feet. The curiosity rover

       lands on Mars! New is a hooligan.
It breaks the reckoning frame and rests

in pieces. Let me collect its dna
from the tears on your desk.

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