Sunday, February 10, 2019

BW7: Love is in the Air

Lovers Walk in the Snow 



February 14, 1909 - February 20, 1972)

The street is great festivity;
Snow is a royal canopy,
Made for a lover, made for me.

This is the way love should go:

Winter, an orchard walk where blow
blossom petals of white snow.

Kisses of mine which lent a grace 
To Summer, run a frozen race.
Snowflake kissing, all my face. 

Love is in the air along with plenty of candy kisses, chocolate dishes, golden rings and red rose hearts. Odes to love abound accompanied by wine and song as well as our kiddo's nose nuzzles and heart felt wishes. Welcome to Valentine's week and the celebration of poetry and novels to literary couples to diversity in romance.

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