Sunday, March 18, 2018

BW12: March Equinox

Bluebells and Wild Garlic in Blarney - Courtesy of Vagabond Tours of Ireland

The March equinox is upon us and Spring is in the air in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn in the Southern half of the world. I'm feeling a bit flighty this week so I have a mini challenge for you.  

Read a book with any of the following:

1) AIR in the title

2) Something AIR like in the title - Wind, breeze, Sky, etc. 
3) Something in the Air on the cover - Plane, clouds, birds, etc.
4) Subject contains something to do with Air - Man versus nature
5) Character has a job in the Air - Pilot, trapeze artist. etc. 
6) Read three books and spell out AIR
7) Contains Air within a word in the Title of the Book - stair, affair, millionaire, etc. 
8) Unscramble Air - Ria, Ira, Ari - and read a book with that word in the title or by an author with that name.
9) Substitute another word for air that relates to the March Equinox and choose any of the above. 
10) Choose any word relating to the March Equinox including Equinox, Hemisphere, Vernal, Autumn, flowers, etc and plug it into the Word unscrambler. Choose any 4 letter word and read a book with that word in the title. 

Use your imagination and have fun following rabbit trails of flight. 

Given angel's wings, where might you fly?
In what sweet heaven might you find your love?
Unwilling to be bound, where might you move,
Lost between the wonder and the why?...


For all our Brit Trippers, keep following Ermine Street and travel East and West Riding of Yorkshire. Yorkshire is one of the largest areas in England and well … this will explain how it’s divided up better than we could!

Please link to your specific post and not your general blog link. In the Your Name field, type in your name and the name of the book in parenthesis. In the Your URL field leave a link to your specific post. If you don't have a blog, leave a comment telling us what you have been reading.   Every week I will put up  Mr. Linky which will close at the end of each book week.  No matter what book you are reading or reviewing at the time, whether it be # 1 or # 5 or so on, link to the current week's post.

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