Sunday, September 15, 2013

BW38: Happy Birthday Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie - September 15, 1890

Happy Birthday to Dame Agatha Christie.  She is the author who created Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, Tommy and Tuppence as well as Ariadne Oliver, Harley Quin and Parkey Pyne.  I admit I am more familiar with Poirot and Marple, than the other four, but will eventually make their acquaintance.  There are quite a few bloggers in the midst of perpetual Agatha Christie reading challenges. Some who are attempting to read her books in order and then others who are working their way through her works randomly.  I joined in about 5 years ago.  I'm more in the the random category and reading one a year so have only completed 5 of her many, many novels so far.  I probably should speed it up a bit, but like fine wine, like to savor her books.  Pitiful excuse, right.  *grin*  

The books I've completed so far are:

The Mysterious Affair at Styles
The Murder of Roger Akroyd 
Hercule Poirot's Christmas
Spider's Web
And Then There were None.

In honor of her birthday, I plan on reading book # 2 The Secret Adversary, her first Tommy and Tuppence mystery.  

Join me in reading Agatha Christie this week.  You can find her book list here or a chronological list here

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  1. Hooray for Agatha Christie. I rediscovered the joy of reading her books just recently and am reading roughly in order. At least each series in order. I have read eight books in about a year.

    Thanks for reminding me I need to get to my Agatha Christie book for the month.


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