Sunday, December 2, 2012

BW49: Plans for 2013

Josephine Wall - Ripples

Happy December, dear hearts!   We have four weeks left in the year and we are coming down to the wire.  I hope everyone has had a fantastic reading year.   Are you ready for another round?  I've been looking at all the other challenges out there, what books I still have in my TBR pile and those still on my wishlist.  I think I have the my eyes are bigger than my stomach syndrome, because there are so many I want when already have a  huge teetering pile of books.  So.....    I'm personally going to institute a buying ban, probably through April and concentrate on those wonderful books that have been calling my name.   We've been discussing the new year over in the Well Trained Mind forums and have come up with some ideas.  

In our quest to read 52 books we'll be doing a Dusty Book Challenge which is just another name for read your own books.   Also a Chunkster challenge which are books that are 500 pages or more.   Start looking through your shelves and dusting off those old, huge books.   I'm going to make an effort to read more non fiction this next year so in that vein will have a C.S. Lewis Mini Challenge which takes the place of Jane Austen.   We'll continue with the Well Educated Mind and Mind Voyages Sci Fi/Fantasy challenges.  There is a Canada Books readalong in the works as well as reading books from other countries.   Plus random mini challenges along the way which I'll borrow shamelessly from on The Novel Challenges blog.

If you have any suggestions for a readalongs or  topics, authors and/or ideas you'd like to see covered next year, let me know.   I'll be posting the I'm participating in 2013 in a couple weeks, plus making changes to headers and links so don't be surprised by the construction.  


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If you don't have a blog, tell us about the books you are reading in the comment section of this post.


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  1. OK, so where on the Well Trained Mind forums do you hang out and discuss these things? I'd love to read what's up and be involved, but the forums are so huge I tend to get lost.


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