Sunday, November 20, 2011

BW47: Big U, little U, what begins with U

In my quest to complete the A to Z challenge by author and title, I am up to U. I managed to squeak past Q with a two-fer when I read Quicksilver by Amanda Quick. How lucky was that! So, U. Big U, Little u, what begins with U.

I came across this interesting little book the other day about mathematical obsession and thought I'd give it a go: Uncle Petros and Goldbach's Conjecture: A Novel of Mathematical Obsession by Apostolos Doxiadis. In the process get to read an new author as well.  Plus there is always my fall back gal when it comes to the alphabet, Sue Grafton and her Alphabet Series with p.i. Kinsey Milhone set in the 1980's pre cell phones and computers.  

So now the search is one for an author whose first name or last name ends with U.  AND, their books sound interesting and hopefully aren't chunksters that will take forever to read. I have Leon Uris's QB VII on the shelves and read it several years ago. It's on standby in case can't find anything else. Not ready to delve into any of his other stories. Will save him for next year.  So did a bit of searching and found a few people I've never heard of before. 

Then you have the known - Upton Sinclair and  John Updike.  Plus a list of freebies on Project Gutenberg that you can check out at your own risk.

After a bit of and Barnes and Noble browsing,  decided I'll go with Lisa Unger's Beautiful Lies.  Sounds quite interesting and thankfully so easy to download on my nook. 

Synopsis:  What if your family was a lie?  What if your name was a lie? What if your whole life was just a pack of Beautiful Lies?

If Ridley Jones had slept ten minutes later or had taken the subway instead of waiting for a cab, she would still be living the lie she used to call her perfect life. Instead, she's in the wrong place at the right time to unleash a chain of events that begins with a mysterious package on her doorstep. A package that informs her that her entire world is just an illusion. Forced to question everything she knows about herself, Ridley wanders into dark territory, where everyone is hiding something.
Anyone else doing the A to Z quest?  If you are, which letter are you on?  

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  1. You forgot Sigrid Undset, eminent author of Norwegian historical fiction, most famously Kristin Lavransdatter! Great stuff.

  2. Oooh! Now I want to read Beautiful Lies. Let the Great World Spin (the book I just finished) had a similar incident where you think if things had only gone slightly different time wise how different this story could have turned out!

  3. Beautiful Lies does look good; I think I'll try to get that.

  4. I linked up the last book on my 52 Books in 52 Weeks blog page this week.
    I know, however, that I have others. I will have to look through my blog and see which ones I've done since this one.
    If I can get the motivation here I will get a bunch of my reviews caught up this week!

  5. just finished In Pursuit of Eliza Cynster, book two of the Cynster Sisters (after last week's Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue). Now I have to wait until February for book 3!

  6. Kristin Lavransdatter is worth a read. It is a 'big clunker' but you'd never notice it because you'd be so enthralled. You have NaNo to finish though, don't you?

    I opted for a NaNoReaMo instead of the real thing.

    Annie Kate

  7. @Jean - Hadn't heard of sigrid. Will have to check her out. In 2012. Much too long to tackle for this year.

    @Fairy tale Mama - Beautiful lies was quite intriguing.

    @Marsha - will be by to check them out.

    @Book dragon - Yet another series I'll have to look into :)

    @Kaye - You too!

    @Anne - Yep, will reserve clunkers for 2012


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