Sunday, March 27, 2011

BW13 - L is for linky love

I'm currently reading an e-book by an author I discovered during ROW80 called Hush Money by Susan Bischoff.  Another one of my blogging authors I stumbled over.  Over the past year, a few aspiring writers I've been following have had their first books published or decided to self publish. Of course, I just had to read their books. Or new to me authors who've been around awhile but I just discovered them.     So today I thought I'd throw a little linky love their way and introduce you to some of them.   Check out their blogs, check out their books.

Jody Hedlund - her debut novel The Preacher's Bride 

Susan Bischoff of Hunting High and Love -  the Talent Chronicles

Kait Nolan (hostess of Row80)  - The Mirius Novella Trilogy

Michelle Davidson Argyle of The Innocent Flower - debut novel "Cinders" 

Karen Harrington's of Scobberlotch - "Janeology "
K.M. Weiland's of Wordplay - "A Man Called Outlaw", plus "Behold the Dawn" and nonfiction writing book:  "Crafting Unforgettable Characters: A Hands-On Introduction to Bringing Your Characters To Life."

C.J. Darlington's "Thicker than Blood" and "Bound By Guilt"
Christine Fonseca - "Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students."  Excellent, excellent book and she's recently released "101 Success Secrets for Gifted Students." 

Susan Helene Gottfried of West of Mars - "Trevor's Song" and "the Demo Tapes Year 1 and Year 2"

Follow them for a while and get to know them.  I have read or have most of their books in my TBR stack waiting to be read.  Happy Reading!


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  1. I have completely failed the review part of this challenge, again this year. I even missed two weeks of reading!

    I completed Being a Green Mother by Piers Anthony this week.

  2. Awww, I've always liked the "Cats, books" thing. It's so cute. I'll have to check out some of those author blogs.

  3. @book dragon - there are no failures in this challenge. Reviews aren't necessary, nor required. The post is just to read... so read, enjoy, leave a note in comments about what you've read. Casual, no pressure. So don't pressure yourself. *Hugs*

    @Jessica - I have a couple shirts with the picture on it. Starting to get worn out. Need to buy another one, or two or three. :)

  4. I, too, am failing at the review part of this challenge, and, sometimes, the reading part. But, it is encouraging me to read and share as I can. Thx.

  5. Linked to my review of "Anno Dracula"--a novel that succeeds on many levels and is at once fun and thought provoking!

  6. I'm not reading as much as I'd hoped...or at least not completing as many books as usual, which is an entirely different thing.

    But I'm pleased that I recognize at least one of your new authors, Jody Hedland.

    Thanks for hosting!

    Annie Kate

  7. I read and reviewed another book. I hope it's OK to link up more than one per week.

    Annie Kate

  8. @Martianne - As long as you are reading and enjoying it, that's all that matters.

    @Brian - Sounds great. Will definitely be checking it out.

    @Annie - If you have more than a couple reviews, just link to your blog with (multi reviews) after your name. Perfectly okay to link to multiple reviews as well. What ever is easier.


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