Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Mistborn Trilogy

I interrupted my TBR pile to spend a week with a really interesting trilogy. I have always like fantasy, which so often comes in series. So when Orson Scott Card recommended these books by Brandon Sanderson I jumped over to the library site to check them out.

The first book is The Final Empire and it shows a ragtag band of misfits and thieves plotting to remove the immortal ruler of the Final Empire. Lots of humor, good character development, an interesting bit of "magic", and some secrets. Just as it looks like all is lost, they actually pull it off. But was that tyrant actually saving the world from something worse?

Well of Ascension, the second book, starts a year later and there have been some changes. For one thing, there are armies gathering to take back the city, plus there are some creatures rampaging about. The main characters are having some communication issues, including typical young love concerns. But they persevere and once again do the impossible. And again, it might have made things much worse.

The final book is The Hero of Ages. We've collected quite a few characters that we're interested in and the ones who are still alive get plenty of good development in this volume. For example, Spook looks like he's going the wrong direction, and we wonder how it will turn out for him and the others in the city he's trying to save. The creatures that the immortal ruler had made seem to hold some clue to saving the world. There isn't much to save at this point, but everyone puts up a really good fight.

The ending is very interesting. The one man searching so hard for a god to believe in finds him.

Really interesting, although an investment of time at 1500 pages total. I always enjoy seeing how someone else creates a universe and the rules they come up with.

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