Blossom Bookology

Books are the bees which carry the quickening pollen from 
one to another mind.” ~ James Russell Lowell

Blossom Bookology

Like flowers, books have a language all their own and fill up our senses, each with their own essence.  Our Blossom Bookology reading challenge will take you around the world and engage your senses in a variety of ways.  Read a book with one or more of the following (but not limited too) and have fun exploring a variety of places and topics:  

One book per letter in the flower's name

Name of the flower in the title

Color of the flower in the title

Color of the flower on the cover 

 Takes place in flower's country of origin.

Plot includes cultural significance and/or symbolism 


Flowers of the Month

January --- Chrysanthemum

February -- Rose

March -- Shamrock (clover)

April -- Mountain Aven

May -- Lily

June -- Tulip

July -- Edelweiss

August -- Jasmine 

September -- Lotus 

October -- Marigold 

November -- Daisy 

December -- Holly 


  1. I'm in. This sounds fun.

  2. Welcome to the challenge. Looking forward to hearing about your reads.

  3. Hi, Will you be doing this one again next year?

    1. I will be doing another spelling challenge. Haven't decided what category yet.

  4. Here is my completed list:


Thank you for your kind comments.