52 Books Bingo

52 Books Bingo 

Earn virtual cultural points by completing a bingo in a variety of ways:

One Row -  Horizontal, Vertical or Diagonally 
X marks the spot - Diagonally in both directions
Square - all the outside tiles
Inner square - all the inside tiles
Forward or backwards E
Right side up or upside down T
Total Blackout 

 Winners will earn a variety of bookish prizes 

Bingo Guidelines and Clarifications

  • Page count minimum is 200 pages.  
  • Novellas and rereads don't count. 
  • Book has to be started and completed this year, no carry overs from last year. 
  • No double dipping. 
  • Free space is book of your choice.  
  • Audiobooks are fine as long as has substance and the actual book is over 200 pages in length


  • There isn't a category for play this year so no plays. 
  • Children and Young adult books are iffy and depend on if they have substance.  The young adult novels today are like the regular adult novels of the 70's.  Yes Harry Potter counts.  Use your best judgement.  
  • Finance – Can be fiction or non fiction 
  • Western - Cowboys, outlaws, lawmen and Indians up through the 1900's. Can be fiction or non fiction and from any country and just not U.S. related.  
  • Debut author – Author’s debut from 2016 or 2017 
  • Outer space books -- Space beyond the atmosphere of earth and includes books about leaving our world or life on another planet or alien worlds. 

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