Sunday, April 14, 2024

BW16: P stands for .......


Happy Sunday! P stands for Paint.  We’re still prepping our bathroom since we had the bathroom disaster and we’ve been scraping and scrubbing and sanding, redoing the old orange peel left over from the days we used to rent before we lay linoleum, and shop for replacements for the old medicine cabinet and mirrors, and light fixtures. Hubby and I have different methods for getting some things done and we are both passionate about how to do so but we have fun in the process since both ways work well. Things goes faster when we work together as a team. Which brings me to our letter of the week.

P not only stands for paint but also poetry,  plot, prose, personification, protagonists, proverbs, puns, as well as pool.  Ha! 

"Trouble (oh, we got trouble)

Right here in River City (right here in River City)

With a capital "T" and that rhymes with "P" and that stands for pool (that stands for pool)

We've surely got trouble (we've surely got trouble)

Right here in River City (right here)

Gotta figure out a way to keep the young ones moral after school

(Our children's children gonna have trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble)"

Ya Got Trouble by Robert Preston

April is National Poetry Month and the poster above represents the poem Blessing the Boats by Lucille Clifton. 

may the tide

that is entering even now

the lip of our understanding

carry you out

beyond the face of fear

may you kiss

the wind then turn from it

certain that it will

love your back may you

open your eyes to water

water waving forever

and may you in your innocence

sail through this to that

Why the poem has no punctuation is beyond me, but it's another p word.   So read a book of poetry or punctuation.  Read about Robert Preston, or Prince or Pedro Pascal.  Read a book about painters, or pets, or penguins.  Read a book about passion or peace or prosperity. 

Find your pleasure, find your prize, as you participate in our favorite pastime.  

Peace out! 


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