Sunday, January 21, 2024

BW4: D is for Dystopian


Happy Sunday! I'm in a dystopian frame of mind this week. I just finished Babel: An Arcane History by R.F. Kuang and once I started reading, couldn't put it down. The etymology discussions, how the characters related to the world around them, how the characters grew in knowledge, the choices they made, some good, some bad, the heart wrenching decisions. The themes of colonialism, the empire, racism, friendship, and power all combined to create a story that made me think and how it related to today's world and why people do the things they do.  

I segued from Babel to two different stories that I couldn't make up my mind which I wanted to read more.  Samuel R. Delaney's Babel-17 about the power of language which is very weird with it's strange characters to Samantha Shannon's The Bone Season which is another dystopian set in Oxford with it's themes of magic, aliens, and oppression.  Maybe I'll alternate for a while because both are tickling my fancy.  

Out of 45 Dystopian Books That’ll Change Your Worldview I've read 15 so far.  How many have you read? 

Share the most terrifying dystopian story you've ever read or one that made you think.


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