Sunday, December 24, 2023

BW52: 2023 Year End Extravaganza!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Are you having a merry Jolabokaflod! It's time to retire this year's walking shoes, curl up by the fire or under a cozy comforter and figure out where you've been and where you would like to go next year.   Buy a new pair of shoes or wings if you dare, and maybe buy a bigger backpack to stow all those new and old books you want to read in 2024.  

Although I love exploring and reading new authors, genres, spaces and places, I like to revisit old friends along the way.  While I may map out a plan for the new year, I always build in plenty of time for side trips along the way.  I like spontaneity, delving here, there, and every where, following rabbit trails full of whimsy.  In fact, I'm looking forward to a whimsical new year full of reading adventures. 

So tell was your reading year?  

Did you follow a plan or go with the flow?  

Did you stick to tried and true authors or genres or explore outside your comfort zone?

Where did your adventures take you?  Outside of time or into space? A different country, state, or city? 

Which stories made your heart sing or cry or laugh or fly? Made you want to hug the author or characters?   

Which story  made you want to throw it across the room in disgust? 

Which authors did you add to your  "I want to read more or again pile."

Share quotes, covers, stats, and ideas for next year such as new or different authors or genres or stories to explore. 

Our post is sponsored by the letter A for autodidactic, autotelic, anti hero, archetypes, and annotation. 

Thank you for sharing your reading year with me! 

Hugs, loves, and kisses!


  1. I accidentally misnamed my post - OOPSY. The title of the book is Dead End not Cold Pursuit :)

  2. I had a pretty good reading year--though not quite as good as last year (not quite as many books). I mostly stuck to my plans (with the number of reading challenges I do, I kind of have to, LOL) but did venture off the path a few times. Each year, I read some books that are out of my comfort zone--that happens with a couple of the challenges I do, no way around it--and mostly those were good things. My reading adventures have taken me through time-travel (to the early 1800s) and to outer space (with the Star Trek gang) and to alternate realities (dystopian worlds and histories that might have been). I've been to Africa and several countries in Europe (but most often England). Overall--a very good year indeed.


Thank you for your kind comments.