Sunday, October 15, 2023

BW42: 52 Books Bingo - Rogues


Happy Sunday! Our next 52 Books Bingo category is Rogue which matches up with our spooktactular theme.  From science fiction and fantasy to romance and regency novels, there are plenty of stories which include Rogues. 

Rogues come in all shapes and sizes: scoundrels, con artists, outlaws, or villains, lords, reformed bad guys, spies, detectives, and thieves such as Robin Hood.

Even assassin's such as Gin Bianco in Jennifer Estep's Elemental Assassin series or Fitz in Robin Hobb's Far Seer Trilogy

Romance Novels with Rogue in the Title

Space Rogues: A series by John Wilker

Best Science Fiction Heist Books

Goodread's Assassins Thieves and Rogues books

Happy Reading!

Our post is brought to you by the letter K which stands for kingpins, keelhaul, and kilts. 

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