Sunday, May 7, 2023

BW19: 52 Books Bingo - Character vs ...


Happy Sunday!  Books thrive on conflict, the more conflict the better. Our next 52 Books Bingo is all about character and conflict.  Conflict between characters, fate, technology, or nature as well as the conflict between self, the supernatural, or society. 

Character vs character conflict about the struggles between the protagonist and the antagonist: Batman vs Joker characters such as Harry Potter vs Voldemort. 

Character vs fate conflict of the battle of free will against a prophecy, a curse, society's expectations, or a fatal disease: Ex - Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince or  Frodo from Lord of the Rings.

Character vs technology conflict between man and machine:  Ex - Frankenstein or I, Robot. 

Character vs nature conflict is the battle between man and nature: Ex - Old Man and the Sea or Moby Dick. 

Character vs self as the character battles himself, his choices, desires, and duties, both literal or psychological:  Ex - The Bell Jar or Crime and Punishment

Character vs Supernatural conflict in which man battles the supernatural such as ghosts, goblins, demons, or aliens:  Ex - The Haunting of Hill House or The Discovery of Witches.  

Character vs Society conflict between man and the world at large, his desires and beliefs vs society at large: Ex -  The Hunger Games or 1984.

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