Sunday, March 19, 2023

BW12: March Equinox


Happy Sunday! This week we celebrate the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the beginning of Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.  It seems Spring has sprung already in our neck of the world. The temps are rising and it was a balmy 70 degrees yesterday while I was running here, there, and everywhere. Today is also Let's Laugh Day, the 20th is not only the March  Equinox, but International Day of Happiness as well. The 21st is  World Poetry Day, the 22nd is As Young as You Feel Day, the 23rd is not only my dad's 92nd birthday, but also National Chip and Dip Day. The 24th is National Cheesecake day, and the 25th is International Waffle Day. I think the person who makes up the calendar was hungry.  LOL! 

Let's dive into spring (or autumn reads, depending on where you are)  with Beyond the Bookends list of 107 Sensational New Spring 2023 releases or She Reads Most Anticipated Books of Spring 

In the Southern Hemisphere, dip into the Republic's list of 23 African Books to Expect in 2023 or Australian Fiction authors new releases through March 2023

Read a book with Spring or Autumn in the title or Spring or Autumn flowers on the cover. 

Read a book that takes place during Spring or Autumn.

Join your local libraries Spring or Autumn 2023 reading challenge. 

Our post is brought to you by the letter L this week which means loads and loads of love, laughter and life to explore. 

Have fun following rabbit trails! 


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