Sunday, February 19, 2023

BW8: Storytelling


Happy Sunday!  Growing up, my brother was the one who told the most magnificent stories, whether he was retelling a Monty Python skit, relating an event that happened, or telling us about a book he'd read. We would hang on his words, groaning or laughing as he told a tale, astonished by the details, even if he'd only read or heard something once. I was never great at oral storytelling, maybe because it was difficult to get an word in edgewise with my large talkative family.  Today, the role has been taken over by my husband and son, both who have Eidetic memories,  remembering everything that's ever happened in their lives. Which can be great, unless it's something stupid you wish they'd forget. LOL!    I prefer writing, taking my time to remember, exploring thoughts and phrases, seeing the words on the page. 

Who is or was the Storyteller in your family?
Which brings us to our 52 Books Bingo quest for this week - Storyteller and all those lovely books they have created for our pleasure: narratives, myths, memoirs, drama, poetry as well as the world of fiction. From the classics to the contemporary writers of today there is a wide variety to choose from.  

Who do you think are the best storytellers of the past and present?   

50 Greatest Storytellers Of All Time

Masterful Storytelling: 10 Novels Worth Savoring

20 Best Storytelling Books of All Time

The Best Books On Storytelling

This week, our post is brought to you by the letter H.  Big h, little h, what begins with H. Why Homer and Horatio and Heyer as well as  Hemingway and Hosseini and Herbert to name a few. 

Happy reading! 


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