Sunday, April 3, 2022

BW14: Classic Children's Mysteries

Welcome to April and the beginning of National Poetry Month, National Card and Letter Writing Month, and National Humor Month and this week is National Library Week.  

And thanks to Sandy and Amy, we are also celebrating our childhoods, going back to the books we read when we were young.   Take it away, ladies.

Many of us began our life of crime early by reading under the covers with flashlights and lies of “I’ll read just one more chapter then I’ll go to bed.” If you grew up reading Classic Children’s Mysteries then you’ve like got a rap sheet and a read-list as thick as a Sears catalogue. Who were you solving mysteries with in the lunch room and during geometry class?

 Authors to explore:

  Stratemeyer Syndicate – Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Tom Swift, Bobbsey Twins

·         Cherry Ames

·         Boxcar Children

·         Trixie Belden

·         Encyclopedia Brown

Challenge: Confess to starting a life of crime young and reread a favorite childhood mystery.

Thank you, ladies for bringing back memories of the past. I read many The Hardy Boys as well as Nancy Drew and Trixie Beldon books back in the day.  Does anyone remember the television show of Hardy Boy/Nancy Drew mysteries from the 70's?  I was infatuated with Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson and wanted to be a detective just like Pamela Sue Martin who portrayed Nancy Drew.  

Which bring me to our Letter and Word of the Week:  N and Noteworthy


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  1. oh my goodness this is SO neat, I had no idea there were so many series under the Stratemeyer Syndicate - thank you SO much for posting this!! Sunshine

  2. My favorites were The Boxcar Children and Encyclopedia Brown. Last year I reread the first two books in the Boxcar Children series. They are still good!

  3. Huge Trixie Belden fan here. And yes, I also read the Hardys, Nancy, and Encyclopedia Brown.


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