Sunday, February 27, 2022

BW9: The Golden Age of Mystery


Happy Sunday!  This month we’re waving goodbye to February and winter in my neck of the woods, and saying hello to March and the beginning of spring. We are also celebrating Women's History Month and women who were vital to history. 

And speaking of history, our Crime Spree hostesses Sandy and Amy are taking us back to the Golden Age era this month.  Take it away, ladies: 

If you find yourself spending the weekend at your curmudgeonly uncle’s manor and he ends up murdered, you’re probably in a Golden Age mystery. Luckily, you’re innocent of the crime if you’re young, beautiful, and in love. But if you happen to be a ne'er-do-well that recently been cut out of the will then…

This website is fantastic for exploring even more authors. Who are some of your favorite Golden Age authors?

Authors to explore:

    Agatha Christie’s website is a fun place to lose an hour

·         GK Chesterton

·         EC Bentley

·         Dorothy Sayers

·         Margery Allingham

·         Edmund Crispin

·         Georgette Heyer

·         Patricia Wentworth (sidenote from Amy: Skip the first book and start here.)

·         J. Jefferson Farjeon

·         Josephine Tey


Challenge: Evade Scotland Yard by choosing a new to you Golden Age author to read.

Thank you ladies.  Juan and I are trying to stay out of sight of the gents at Scotland Yard as we follow in the footsteps of the the queens and gentlemen of the Golden Age. 

Which brings me to our A to Z and back again -- Our letter and word of the week are I and Informer.

Have fun investigating! 


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