Sunday, January 9, 2022

BW2: Books about Books Bookology - Shion Miura


Happy Sunday!  Did you know this week is National Letter Writing week so grab several pieces of paper and a pen or pencil, not a keyboard, and write a letter to your significant other, family member, friend, long lost relative or even an author to thank them for a book you enjoyed.  

Our Books about Books Bookology author of the month is Shion Miura and the highlighted read is The Great Passage:

"Inspired as a boy by the multiple meanings to be found for a single word in the dictionary, Kohei Araki is devoted to the notion that a dictionary is a boat to carry us across the sea of words. But after thirty-seven years creating them at Gembu Books, it’s time for him to retire and find his replacement.

He discovers a kindred spirit in Mitsuya Majime—a young, disheveled square peg with a penchant for collecting antiquarian books and a background in linguistics—whom he swipes from his company’s sales department.

Led by his new mentor and joined by an energetic, if reluctant, new recruit and an elder linguistics scholar, Majime is tasked with a career-defining accomplishment: completing The Great Passage, a comprehensive 2,900-page tome of the Japanese language."

Learn more about Shion Muira through this interview with Sanseidou translated by Story Unlocker.

There are a variety of ways to complete this challenge with plenty of rabbit trails. Read a book with one or more of the following (but not limited too) and have fun exploring a variety of places and topics:

  • Spell out the first and/or last name of the author - one book per letter. 
  • Read the highlighted book or any book written by the author.
  • Read a book written in the country or time period of the author.

Our letter and word of the week is B - Brevity. During a spurt of creativity I thought of several ideas to share, which may not happen every week and most of time I'll leave it up your imagination. 


Brief, small, saying much in a few words.  Concise, minute and to the point.  A fallen petal from a bouquet tells a story of life, a part of the whole. Petals grow, blossom to fullness, unfold to display a beauty bold, bright, soft and light. Ages, falls to the ground, and withers away. From beginning to end, quiet elegance revealed in a petal, in a moment in time.  

What can you sense?  A touch, a whisper, a sight so bright it stings the eyes. Tears drip at the simple, at things that barely cause a ripple, as you go about your day.  There for your pleasure. A gift nature gives to us if we care to look.

Pick a moment, a fallen petal, a ladybug, ripples from a rock thrown into the river, a dusting of light through the window pane. What do you see, what do you hear, what do you feel? 


A short story less than 200 pages, less than 100 pages. A brief written by a lawyer. Now that's an oxymoron.  A brief moment experienced by a character. A brief moment in time in your life. 

Challenge yourself and write your own.

Flash fiction or Nonfiction with Dinty Moore's The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Nonfiction or the guide to Flash Fiction. 

Five Books That Have Helped to Define Flash Nonfiction

Goodreads writing flash fiction.  


Please share your book thoughts reviews and link to your website, blog, Goodreads, Google+, Tumblers, or Instagram page. If you do not have a social media account, please leave a comment to let us know what you are reading. The link widget closes at the end of each book week.

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  1. I thought week 2 started today? Sorry I'm confused.

    1. Sunday, today is the start of book week 2 and BW2 means book week 2. Does this help?

  2. I am sorry, I missed the deadline, but I did complete my readings. I just didn't get my post up until today. Here is my blog link.

    1. Hi Sunshine. No worries. For today, I added your link to week three. In the future, no matter what week we are in, and no matter what book number you've just completed, post your link to the current week. For example if you write a post for book four, and we are in week 5, post the link in week five.

    2. oh my goodness - thank you so much for doing that. And next time I will do that if I am too late for this weeks :). Have an awesome week. Sunshine


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